Going Deeper with A Quilt Design

I started this quilt last year, based on a Zentangle drawing I made, and blogged about it then. I am just now coming back to it and was happy to complete the top piecing yesterday. According to the drawing I had made for it, I now had 5 orange pieces to applique and it would be ready to quilt.

My first inclination was to finish it quickly so I could move on to something else new. Then I changed my mind…I like to work on complicated designs, but I also get frustrated when my ideas take a long time to execute. If I treated the applique portion of the design as an opportunity, perhaps I could take this quilt top to a new level…the excitement of a new project, without yet another potential UFO (Unfinished Object) cluttering my studio.

Last night, I sketched in Photoshop on a picture of the quilt, and came up with a new direction.

Two drawings…the bottom drawing is what I thought the quilt would be when I last worked on it. The top drawing is the new direction.

My quilt wall when I started today.

My new plan is to hand-applique several series of circles onto the quilt. Today I cut out and placed all the circles…they will shrink up when finished as they will be attached with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

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