The First Zentangling President?

Since Zentangle appeared on the scene, there has been a heathy debate around the practice of doodling. Lots of people aimlessly make pencil marks on paper while otherwise occupied – in a meeting, on the phone, etc. Many of us call that doodling. Some people do considerably more with their pen in the margins. If one makes a detailed drawing on the side of their … Continue reading The First Zentangling President?

Symmetrical, but not really a mandala

This digital drawing was an experiment in switching between symmetry grids in Procreate throughout the drawing. I used both Quadrant Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry. The switching had to be done carefully, because elements didn’t automatically line up as easily when using a different grid. Black, white and two colors of green, no shading     Continue reading Symmetrical, but not really a mandala

Personal coloring pages

Playing with some personal coloring pages, using a mix of Tombow and various metallic markers. I really like the metallics – Gelly Roll, Jane Davenport, and some random ones called “INFINITY” that are surprisingly juicy. (If you’re having metallic marker envy, links for these exact markers are at the end of my post. The personal coloring pages give me an easy starting point for an … Continue reading Personal coloring pages

A design made with one shape

Since I don’t have my quilt wall up in my studio yet, I turned to my laptop last night to practice some of the composition ideas picked up at the workshop. I worked in Adobe Illustrator, drawing this shape:   My goal was to create a symmetrical design using just this shape in theforeground. I reflected it against itself to get started. As I worked the pieces into … Continue reading A design made with one shape