Beaded Michigan: My state in bead embroidery

I adopted Michigan as my home 21 years ago, and I have come to really love the state. This bead embroidery piece includes several symbolic elements that hold my memories…Copper Harbor, the Thumb, the swirl of the city of Detroit. I was inspired to make this piece after seeing bead embroidered works at the 2010 Ann Arbor Arts Fair…they were faces and abstract shapes, fairly … Continue reading Beaded Michigan: My state in bead embroidery

To enter or not to enter…

My friend Sarah has suggested that I submit this bead embroidery piece for consideration in a juried art show. That would be my first attempt to enter a piece in a show. This is a very small piece, about 4″ x 7″. I’ve always assumed it would figure in a larger piece some day, and I’ve experimented with setting it in a background of darker blue quilted pieces. The … Continue reading To enter or not to enter…

Christmas Bag

This beaded bag has been an ongoing project. During Christmas season 2004, I did the beadwork.  For a pattern, I scanned a black-and-white illustration out of an old book (pre-1920), and printed it on inkjet canvas. I worked bead embroidery over the pattern, then backfilled around the pattern with the ivory beads. During Christmas season 2005, I sewed the beadwork into a quilted bag. I … Continue reading Christmas Bag

Bead Embroidery Pendant

I made this bead embroidery piece after reading “One Bead At a Time – Exploring Creativity Through Bead Embroidery” by Robin Atkins. It is one of my favorite books…a thin volume but really empowering. Her how-to’s are along the lines of “find something you love, and sew it on. Repeat.” Her approach is very freeing…she insists that if your construction method works, it is acceptable. Continue reading Bead Embroidery Pendant

Shining Jewels Bead Embroidery

This is an early attempt at bead embroidery. I found an illustration in an old book that I used as a pattern. I printed to heavy cardstock, and embroidered onto that. In the end, I was concerned that the stitches would tear through the well-punctured paper. I have since mounted it to a piece of copper screen, then glued that to upholstery fabric. Now, I … Continue reading Shining Jewels Bead Embroidery