an array of color-sorted buttons drying on a kitchen towel


Collecting vintage buttons is its own pleasure. I really like to sort things…there’s something about the process that both calms and energizes. The more I sort, the more I see. Color, size, style, shank or flat, material, and the best…matching! If you want to build a stash of buttons, let people know that you are hunting for them. Many gracious people have simply handed me … Continue reading Buttons

Stringing buttons in chains

This week I had visitors in my studio…Katie (“I’m 5.” “No, you’re 4 and a half.”) and her younger sister Isabelle. Looking around my stash to find playthings, my eyes landed on my sorted buttons. I dumped the bags of blue and brown buttons into one bin, and immediately Katie said, “Why are you doing that?” “To keep you occupied” didn’t seem like the right … Continue reading Stringing buttons in chains

Vintage Buttons Rescued from the Tin!

In the midst of my scrap-using tag-making session, I had my stash of pink buttons spilled out to find single buttons to add to a tag, like this: My button stash comes from vintage button tins I find on ebay, so there’s no telling whether a button has any multiples. I hate splitting sets, so if I only want one button, I usually spend a … Continue reading Vintage Buttons Rescued from the Tin!