My quilt top is in one piece!

It’s in one piece! I haven’t had the guts to trim it yet, but I’m happy that it’s together and flat. (still needs a good pressing) I’ve been experimenting with possible ways to trim it, and am considering more of a vertical orientation. I filled in a bit more of the inner river at lower left to get the longer vertical rectangle from this piece. The … Continue reading My quilt top is in one piece!

On my quilt wall right now…

Here’s the latest incarnation of my fan panels. It looks crazy on the wall right now, but I’m actually at a really satisfying point: The quilt top is now in three pieces. The two fan panels were pieced according to a repeatable method. The center section is more improvised, though I started from strip-pieced panels. I intend to sew these three pieces together, then cut my quilt out of that … Continue reading On my quilt wall right now…

The value of creative sputtering

So I returned a couple weeks ago from an emotional, even grueling experience…I participated in a week-long art quilt workshop. It was intense and the hours were long…I sewed each day from 7am until nearly 10pm each night. There were moments when I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish, and was certain that I couldn’t keep up with the pace. I didn’t love what I was making…the design exercises … Continue reading The value of creative sputtering

A headboard cover for the Water Room

I want to make a cover for my headboard…the bed is placed in the middle of the room, instead of against the wall, so the ugly back of the headboard shows now. When my grandson Danny spent the night, he said we should call the room the “Water Room”…it looks out on the lake, the walls are painted blue. Since we also use green in the room and throughout the … Continue reading A headboard cover for the Water Room