How “Speak Now” Came to Be

Working in my sketchbook in early 2012, I wrote the following cranky sentence across the page as a starting point: Thought I was buying a set of black markers presumably of different stroke sizes. Clearly, this is working out differently than planned. I had recently seen a magazine article that exposed me to the basics of Zentangle drawing, where one divides space into sections and … Continue reading How “Speak Now” Came to Be

Zentangle Letter Baby Card

Feels good to pick up my pens again…it’s been awhile. I need a “Welcome Baby” card for a baby shower. Initial or monogram drawings are a good starting place, so “H” it is. I learned the technique for this tangled initial from Joanne Fink‘s book, “Zenspirations: Letters and Patterning”. From the “No Mistakes” department: I misspelled “Welcome” in the upper right corner. At first, I … Continue reading Zentangle Letter Baby Card

hand drawn and digitally manipulated artwork

Starting with a hand-drawn image

A new piece, hand-drawn and digitally manipulated…both old-school and new-fangled. This is where I started…a Zentangle-style drawing from last year. (I’m trying to mine my own materials as a starting point more often. Anything to avoid the scary blank page!) After selecting a square section of the scan, I pasted it several times into Photoshop, flipping the image across from itself to create symmetry. After … Continue reading Starting with a hand-drawn image

Combining Zentangle Drawing with Watercolor Layers

First piece drawn in a while, in the post-holiday quiet. I finally took the plunge with a Skillshare trial in order to learn more about using Procreate on the iPad. After just a few hours last night, I’m sold. I’m only half-way through a short class and have already picked up enough new tips to keep me drawing and exploring for a while. The class … Continue reading Combining Zentangle Drawing with Watercolor Layers

The First Zentangling President?

Since Zentangle appeared on the scene, there has been a heathy debate around the practice of doodling. Lots of people aimlessly make pencil marks on paper while otherwise occupied – in a meeting, on the phone, etc. Many of us call that doodling. Some people do considerably more with their pen in the margins. If one makes a detailed drawing on the side of their … Continue reading The First Zentangling President?

Symmetrical, but not really a mandala

This digital drawing was an experiment in switching between symmetry grids in Procreate throughout the drawing. I used both Quadrant Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry. The switching had to be done carefully, because elements didn’t automatically line up as easily when using a different grid. Black, white and two colors of green, no shading     Continue reading Symmetrical, but not really a mandala