Begrinner is a timeline of my personal art projects.

I always thought it would be cool to have a little website where I could post my personal projects. I’ve tried blogging different ways, with tools like Typepad and Blogger, and by hosting my own WordPress blogs. Each attempt eventually fell victim to life events or malicious code, though I learned a lot along the way.

I have consolidated posts from those early blogs here at Begrinner.com, along with my current postings. More posts from the past are added all the time, as I document projects at other points on my timeline.

Begrinner – what’s that all about?

I started to explore art for fun about 25 years ago. At first, I was a serial monogamist (just rubber stamping, then paper-cutting, then bead embroidery…). I was also developing my freelance graphic design business, and sometimes my work skills opened doors to other art forms, like digital art created with Photoshop, photo restoration and photo coloring. I learned about commercial printing and creating clean artwork for reproduction. Most of the time, I was a pretty happily-occupied and productive graphic designer/artist.

But no one is on their game all of the time. Life brings ups and downs and losses that will bowl you over. I’ve learned that art waits for you during those times. Each time this happened to me, I would eventually find my way back to making some kind of art, but I would often forget about a project from before, or just get started somewhere else. I was constantly a beginner. I have A LOT of UFOs (UnFinished Objects).

It would be easy to draw the conclusion that UFO = Failure, and I used to feel that way. When I began to use my unfinished pieces as elements of larger artworks, I started to see those UFOs another way…as highly original jumping-off points for the next piece.

Beginnings are fun–the rush of enthusiasm and curiosity without the anxiety that comes with a full appreciation of complexity. In artwork, beginnings are my happy place. With some of my most successful art pieces, there were several “beginnings” along the way to being finished. The piece would be set aside for one reason or another, then I would come back to it with a fresh mind, and sometimes, a different direction.

So, with the general idea that beginning makes me happy and lots of little beginnings get you to a finished, successful project, the word began to bubble up…I am a begrinner.