Grandma, use this fabric in my quilt, too

Danny, age 4, likes to play with my fabric stash. Lately he’s been talking about a quilt that he said I was going to make for him with all the Christmas fabrics he found in the stash. He seems so sure that a quilt is going to appear, that I decided to get busy. I drafted the idea on Saturday morning, then sewed the rest … Continue reading Grandma, use this fabric in my quilt, too

Christmas Bag

This beaded bag has been an ongoing project. During Christmas season 2004, I did the beadwork.  For a pattern, I scanned a black-and-white illustration out of an old book (pre-1920), and printed it on inkjet canvas. I worked bead embroidery over the pattern, then backfilled around the pattern with the ivory beads. During Christmas season 2005, I sewed the beadwork into a quilted bag. I … Continue reading Christmas Bag