Ideas from Outstanding Quilts

The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo took over our local convention center for the last several days, bringing several curated quilt exhibits. I saw so many quilts with techniques that I want to remember! “Separated” – a quit by Valerie Luberecki. It was included in the exhibit “Best of QuiltCon 2019” from the Modern Quilt Guild. There’s quite an impact here with just piecing—starting with … Continue reading Ideas from Outstanding Quilts

How “Speak Now” Came to Be

Working in my sketchbook in early 2012, I wrote the following cranky sentence across the page as a starting point: Thought I was buying a set of black markers presumably of different stroke sizes. Clearly, this is working out differently than planned. I had recently seen a magazine article that exposed me to the basics of Zentangle drawing, where one divides space into sections and … Continue reading How “Speak Now” Came to Be

Tip: Thread Storage

It’s the little things that make me happy! This two-sided hanging jewelry caddy contains almost all of my thread, and I can see it all! The thread was previously sorted into plastic bins that were taking up A LOT of shelf space. It’s very similar to this one offered on Amazon: Continue reading Tip: Thread Storage

Finally! A cutting table!

Creating a new cutting table from 2 IKEA Kallax bookshelves laid on their sides, back to back. The cardboard top will soon be replaced by a board cut to size at 45” x 72”. Can’t wait! The Kallax units I chose aren’t the typical equal-space cubes. The interior cubbies are all sized differently. At 33 7/8″ high, this model is slightly taller than the standard … Continue reading Finally! A cutting table!

The Begrinner Manifesto

Call it a mid-life art crisis. I’ve made lots of stuff. I have many unfinished projects. I’m coming to terms with the idea that I’m never going to {FILL IN THE BLANK} on many fronts. The upside of all this? I know what works for me…trying a range of different art forms, rarely making the same thing twice. From this approach, I offer The Begrinner … Continue reading The Begrinner Manifesto