Plan a quilt edge to edge

The hardest part of piecing this quilt was the black border. Note to self: draft patterns for the whole quilt, not just the fun part. In retrospect, it would have been easier to construct this differently than I did, bit it’s whole now! Now on to the finishing… basting the quilt sandwich isn’t my favorite part: Now for the quilt wrestling: I quilt on a … Continue reading Plan a quilt edge to edge

Tackling a quilt with problems

Next up in my quest to finish the unfinished. The middle block is too puffy, and it needs another border, which must be added carefully as there is very little black fabric at the corners. Oh 2012-Christine, why did you trim that so tightly? I started piecing this quilt more than 5 years ago. I think the problems that needed to be addressed kept me … Continue reading Tackling a quilt with problems

Quilter’s Playtime Blocks

It’s been months since I’ve had a quilt on my wall. Very excited to get back to my creative routine!  I started these blocks more than 5 years ago, as an exercise in the book, “Quilter’s Playtime: Games with Fabrics” by Dianne S. Hire. If templates and precision aren’t your thing, this book has lots of ideas to get you started making right away.  (get … Continue reading Quilter’s Playtime Blocks

Finally getting the hang of free motion quilting!

Tonight, the free-motion quilting went more easily than ever before. Like it finally just clicked! It takes concentration and I know I will improve with more practice. For a long time, I felt like I couldn’t finish my quilt tops because of concern that I wouldn’t be happy with the quality of the machine quilting I could do. I’m not ready to enter contests, but … Continue reading Finally getting the hang of free motion quilting!

Quilting with Freezer Paper Stencils

I really hate marking my quilt-tops for quilting. I’ve used washable markers, and it works, but every time I do it, I hate the feeling that drawing on the quilt gives me. Like I’m ruining it. By the time I’m done quilting and can wash out the marks, I have a bad feeling that all the work will be wasted if the marks don’t come … Continue reading Quilting with Freezer Paper Stencils

On my quilt wall right now…

Here’s the latest incarnation of my fan panels. It looks crazy on the wall right now, but I’m actually at a really satisfying point: The quilt top is now in three pieces. The two fan panels were pieced according to a repeatable method. The center section is more improvised, though I started from strip-pieced panels. I intend to sew these three pieces together, then cut my quilt out of that … Continue reading On my quilt wall right now…

What to do with a Fan-Shaped Panel

Yesterday, I finished sewing together a fan-shaped panel, the second in a series of strip-pieced panels. These drawings below are some ideas on how to use the panel in a finished piece. As I was working on the panel, it was hard to keep going at times. The individual strip sets didn’t seem pretty enough, interesting enough. I am happy with the finished results…I guess I need to … Continue reading What to do with a Fan-Shaped Panel