Quilter’s Playtime Blocks

It’s been months since I’ve had a quilt on my wall. Very excited to get back to my creative routine!  I started these blocks more than 5 years ago, as an exercise in the book, “Quilter’s Playtime: Games with Fabrics” by Dianne S. Hire. If templates and precision aren’t your thing, this book has lots of ideas to get you started making right away.  (get … Continue reading Quilter’s Playtime Blocks

Improv Quilting with Leftover Pieces

Leftover pieces from other quilts – just too pretty to throw out. Let’s throw them up on the wall and see what sticks: After deciding I didn’t love all that activity, I pared it down to a few pieces that felt like they were working together: Adding wide sides to see how that feels…I like how that splashy orange print lets the center section stand-out, … Continue reading Improv Quilting with Leftover Pieces

My quilt top is in one piece!

It’s in one piece! I haven’t had the guts to trim it yet, but I’m happy that it’s together and flat. (still needs a good pressing) I’ve been experimenting with possible ways to trim it, and am considering more of a vertical orientation. I filled in a bit more of the inner river at lower left to get the longer vertical rectangle from this piece. The … Continue reading My quilt top is in one piece!

On my quilt wall right now…

Here’s the latest incarnation of my fan panels. It looks crazy on the wall right now, but I’m actually at a really satisfying point: The quilt top is now in three pieces. The two fan panels were pieced according to a repeatable method. The center section is more improvised, though I started from strip-pieced panels. I intend to sew these three pieces together, then cut my quilt out of that … Continue reading On my quilt wall right now…