Faux-vintage Button Cards

Button, button, who’s got the button? (Yes I am old enough to have actually played that game.) I’ve been collecting buttons for years. More than a few old button tins have found their way into my hands, and I’ve always enjoyed sorting through them and looking for treasures, and buttons that match. Rarely, I will find vintage buttons the way they were sold – sewn … Continue reading Faux-vintage Button Cards

Drawing Mandalas on my iPad

When does a series become an obsession? I have discovered the symmetry tools available in Procreate for the iPad, and can’t quit playing with them! This “drawing assist” repeats the line as you draw, allowing you to immediately see the shapes and patterns formed by the symmetrical option chosen. Most of these were drawn using radial symmetry, though a few were quadrant symmetry. I’m calling … Continue reading Drawing Mandalas on my iPad

How “Speak Now” Came to Be

Working in my sketchbook in early 2012, I wrote the following cranky sentence across the page as a starting point: Thought I was buying a set of black markers presumably of different stroke sizes. Clearly, this is working out differently than planned. I had recently seen a magazine article that exposed me to the basics of Zentangle drawing, where one divides space into sections and … Continue reading How “Speak Now” Came to Be

Combining Zentangle Drawing with Watercolor Layers

First piece drawn in a while, in the post-holiday quiet. I finally took the plunge with a Skillshare trial in order to learn more about using Procreate on the iPad. After just a few hours last night, I’m sold. I’m only half-way through a short class and have already picked up enough new tips to keep me drawing and exploring for a while. The class … Continue reading Combining Zentangle Drawing with Watercolor Layers

Going from Garden Photo to Garden Dress

Since I’ve been delving into drawing on the iPad, I have also learned about artists who are selling their work printed on products through Print-on-Demand (POD) companies. I thought I’d test a few items at a few different POD companies, and see if I can find practical ways to print my work and offer it for sale. After reading the POD blogs for trends and … Continue reading Going from Garden Photo to Garden Dress