A Zentangle-inspired quilt

I’m working on a new quilt idea that sprang from one of my Zentangle sketches. The actual Zentangle® drawing is incomplete and somewhat flawed (I filled in an area with black that I intended to be patterned.) Had I stayed committed to the Zentangle® drawing, I would have somehow incorporated that error into the finished piece…but by the time I had made the error, my mind was already racing ahead to what it would look like in fabric, and moving forwards on that became more important.

I redrafted the design in Adobe Illustrator, then isolated a quarter of it for a block design. I’ve completed 4 blocks except for the central circle…pictured on my design wall now, in the photo below. If I sewed these 4 blocks together now, I could finish my original design…but where is the fun in that?

Yesterday morning, I imagined the following design in Photoshop, which uses the four blocks in a bigger design.

Now on to drafting the rectangular blocks that fall between my existing blocks. The triangles set in the corners will just be enlarged versions of the existing blocks. So far, I have pieced this from scraps on hand…I may need to buy fabric for the outer border if I can’t find what I want in my stash.

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