hand drawn and digitally manipulated artwork

Starting with a hand-drawn image

A new piece, hand-drawn and digitally manipulated…both old-school and new-fangled. This is where I started…a Zentangle-style drawing from last year. (I’m trying to mine my own materials as a starting point more often. Anything to avoid the scary blank page!) After selecting a square section of the scan, I pasted it several times into Photoshop, flipping the image across from itself to create symmetry. After … Continue reading Starting with a hand-drawn image

Going from Garden Photo to Garden Dress

Since I’ve been delving into drawing on the iPad, I have also learned about artists who are selling their work printed on products through Print-on-Demand (POD) companies. I thought I’d test a few items at a few different POD companies, and see if I can find practical ways to print my work and offer it for sale. After reading the POD blogs for trends and … Continue reading Going from Garden Photo to Garden Dress

Virtual Quilt from Art Journal element

I picked up some drafting stencils at a thrift store for a quarter. This journal page kicked off by moving and filling an ellipse stencil around the page. Clearly not the neatest pen work, but who cares when it will be used very small! I open my picture of the page in Adobe Capture and experiment with options for patterns. This is the best part…like … Continue reading Virtual Quilt from Art Journal element

Personal coloring pages

Playing with some personal coloring pages, using a mix of Tombow and various metallic markers. I really like the metallics – Gelly Roll, Jane Davenport, and some random ones called “INFINITY” that are surprisingly juicy. (If you’re having metallic marker envy, links for these exact markers are at the end of my post. The personal coloring pages give me an easy starting point for an … Continue reading Personal coloring pages