Finding my way to finished

Okay, so it’s no secret that I don’t set land/speed records with my quilting projects. Blame it on January, but I’m motivated to finish some of the UFOs haunting my quilting space. This quilt top has been languishing since 2011…I had a plan for it, but something about my proposed design didn’t feel right. Tonight, it’s on my quilt wall again, pressed and ready for … Continue reading Finding my way to finished

A Zentangle-inspired quilt

I’m working on a new quilt idea that sprang from one of my Zentangle sketches. The actual Zentangle® drawing is incomplete and somewhat flawed (I filled in an area with black that I intended to be patterned.) Had I stayed committed to the Zentangle® drawing, I would have somehow incorporated that error into the finished piece…but by the time I had made the error, my … Continue reading A Zentangle-inspired quilt