Ellie’s Mountains Baby Quilt

I like making quilts. I really like helping other people discover the joy of quilting. My niece, Kimberly, has been a frequent collaborator—the two of us have spent countless hours together in my studio, cutting, pressing and sewing our way to a new quilt. My latest baby quilt is for Kimmy, as she and her husband Steve, just welcomed their first child. To tell the … Continue reading Ellie’s Mountains Baby Quilt

The quest to quilt the unquilted

I’ve been creating quilt tops for about 15 years. Some of those tops became finished quilts – usually when I wanted to give a gift, like a baby quilt. Many quilt tops languished on my shelves, mostly because I wasn’t confident that I had the skills to finish, and I didn’t want to ruin what I had created. Earlier this year, I decided it was … Continue reading The quest to quilt the unquilted

Quilter’s Playtime Blocks

It’s been months since I’ve had a quilt on my wall. Very excited to get back to my creative routine!  I started these blocks more than 5 years ago, as an exercise in the book, “Quilter’s Playtime: Games with Fabrics” by Dianne S. Hire. If templates and precision aren’t your thing, this book has lots of ideas to get you started making right away.  (get … Continue reading Quilter’s Playtime Blocks

Finally getting the hang of free motion quilting!

Tonight, the free-motion quilting went more easily than ever before. Like it finally just clicked! It takes concentration and I know I will improve with more practice. For a long time, I felt like I couldn’t finish my quilt tops because of concern that I wouldn’t be happy with the quality of the machine quilting I could do. I’m not ready to enter contests, but … Continue reading Finally getting the hang of free motion quilting!

Finally finished! Warm color crazy-patch quilt

I always say that quilt projects will wait for you, and this one really proves it. I started piecing this quilt in March 2012, and just finished sewing on the binding now, October 19, 2018. I’m gaining more confidence in machine quilting my quilts, and hoping to finish several more quilt tops that got stuck in my UFO (unfinished object) pile. View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2NP5VF9 Continue reading Finally finished! Warm color crazy-patch quilt

Quilting with Freezer Paper Stencils

I really hate marking my quilt-tops for quilting. I’ve used washable markers, and it works, but every time I do it, I hate the feeling that drawing on the quilt gives me. Like I’m ruining it. By the time I’m done quilting and can wash out the marks, I have a bad feeling that all the work will be wasted if the marks don’t come … Continue reading Quilting with Freezer Paper Stencils

Accidental Quilt Design

Now this is what I love about my job…one thing leads to another. As I was working on a graphic design project, setting up an ordinary grid fill of a square, I missed one setting…turning off the white fill in my pattern drawing. The results aren’t what I needed for that drawing, but what a cool quilt design! I’m thinking it could be paper-pieced…every row … Continue reading Accidental Quilt Design