Drawing Mandalas on my iPad

When does a series become an obsession? I have discovered the symmetry tools available in Procreate for the iPad, and can’t quit playing with them! This “drawing assist” repeats the line as you draw, allowing you to immediately see the shapes and patterns formed by the symmetrical option chosen. Most of these were drawn using radial symmetry, though a few were quadrant symmetry. I’m calling … Continue reading Drawing Mandalas on my iPad

Mookah Mandala

Here’s a mandala drawn with Procreate, using the software’s Quadrant Symmetry drawing assist enabled. The shading learned through Zentangle really brings it alive – and Zentangle people will recognize the Mookah tangle. I think I’d like to see a variation with a tighter crop so the detail in the middle is more visible. This time-lapse video shows my steps (and mis-steps) along the way: Learn … Continue reading Mookah Mandala