Finally! A cutting table!

Creating a new cutting table from 2 IKEA Kallax bookshelves laid on their sides, back to back. The cardboard top will soon be replaced by a board cut to size at 45” x 72”. Can’t wait!

The Kallax units I chose aren’t the typical equal-space cubes. The interior cubbies are all sized differently. At 33 7/8″ high, this model is slightly taller than the standard Kallax units, making it the perfect for a counter-height table that fits me at 5’4″.

Here are the two cabinets back to back without a top. My plan is to get a piece of plywood that hangs over on each side enough to pull a chair up. I’ll cover the plywood with quilt batting and fabric so I can iron on it, and use it as a cutting surface when the cutting mats are on top.

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