Combining Zentangle Drawing with Watercolor Layers

First piece drawn in a while, in the post-holiday quiet. I finally took the plunge with a Skillshare trial in order to learn more about using Procreate on the iPad. After just a few hours last night, I’m sold. I’m only half-way through a short class and have already picked up enough new tips to keep me drawing and exploring for a while.
The class is Intro to iPad Lettering. The lessons for Subtractive Lettering and Additive Lettering showed good ways to set transparency layers that allow text to fill with background textures instead of flat color. I couldn’t wait to try that idea with Zentangle drawing instead of lettering, so I set aside the class and got busy with my own ideas.
First, a watercolor wash in Procreate:
with that layer set to “lighten.” Then a drawing layer on in it’s own layer UNDER the watercolor layer, set to “N”. Here’s how the drawing layer looks – like a Zentangle drawn with white on black.
This is how the two layers look together.
To make the white drawing a little less prominent, I added another copy of the watercolor layer above the two layers, and set it to a 66% transparency. A little more colorful paint on a new top layer, and I was done:

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