Digitally printed wallpaper makes the room

Next up in in my posts about the Designer’s Show House at the Fisher Mansion, (Go see it while still can until October 7th!), is a guest bedroom and bath on the 2nd floor called “Garden of Eden” by Designer Courtney McLeod of Right Meets Left Interior Design of New York.

The star of this room is the custom wallpaper, which takes in the featured colors of the room: orange, teal, and metallic gold.

Custom digitally printed wallpaper in the Garden of Eden room

My collage in progress at the US Artquest Collage class…the Garden of Eden room had all these colors and more!

It reminded me of a collage in progress from a class I took with Susan Pickering Rothemel. The lush orange couch was perfectly at ease in the exciting room, filled with little touches that connected to the Eden story. Snakes on the lampshades were my favorite as they were subtle…it might have been just a random swirly design. It took a minute for the details to surface, and each one was a happy surprise.

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