A wreath for my favorite season

To set up a the inside and outside borders of the wreath, on a separate layer, I touched the center of the drawing canvas once with a large brush, resulting in a circle. I moved the circle to center it on the middle of the drawing guides and turned the opacity down. That gave me a faint guide to draw over in a new layer. I drew for about 4 hours (in front of the TV, watching nature documentaries with my man). I used the default “studio” brush in the “inking” category to draw all the shapes in black, varying the brush size by element. Created on an older iPad with a Wacom Creative Stylus 2. I don’t love the stylus as it doesn’t line up nicely with where my eye thinks the pen should touch. Lots of do-overs to get line precision right. I actually think a manual stylus/finger approach was better. (Until I upgrade to an iPadPro with an Apple Pencil.)

Procreate digital drawing, wreath draw with Quadrant Symmetry drawing assist

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