Drawing on the iPad, Exploring Procreate

The Procreate app on my iPad continues to amaze me! I’m working on an older iPad with a generic stylus, and my fingers. I can only imagine how great this must be when using a top-of-the-line iPad with the Apple Pen – I understand that gives you pressure sensitivity, so you can make larger lines by pressing harder, lighter strokes by pressing lighter.

YouTube has loads of how-to videos, and I’m learning like crazy mad, watching in 5-10 minute increments throughout the day, then practicing for a few hours before bed.

Happy Halloween Candy Corn with banners

Yesterday, I watched a Procreate tutorial on how to draw banners. They made it look so easy. It took me many tries to get the ends of the banners right, or at least, not wrong. Practice, practice practice.

Before I tried this, I would have said that I could not work faster with my hands and a “pen” than I could with a keyboard and mouse combination. I would have been wrong. It helps to draw each element on a separate layer, so manipulations can be applied very selectively, like shadows and highlights.

Next up was a drawing made with a drawing guide turned on and set to Quadrant Symmetry. This allowed me to draw one quadrant of the design and the software drew the other 3 quadrants for me, as I was working. I am absolutely fascinated by this…definitely a new happy place:

Drawn in Procreate, with a Quadrant Symmetry Drawing Guide

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