Wish it was a rug

My husband noticed my new obsession last night…”you’re really excited about that drawing program.” I had tried drawing on my ipad before, but found the experience mostly buggy, and the results were unimpressive. I’m so comfortable with my desktop tools – Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop mostly – that I put down the ipad and forgot about it.

Until now. A new version of Procreate has tools that I can’t easily replicate in Photoshop. And, working with a pen or my fingers on an image is so much more direct than a computer mouse. I’m using an unpowered stylus on an older iPad too. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be on a shiny new iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil.
Last night’s drawing started from a photo of one of my small quilts (a pieced top, not yet quilted):
I used the “Liquify” tools in Procreate to push and twist the lines in the image. After duplicating and mirroring the copy to create a symmetrical image, I drew patterns (a la Zentangle) within the shapes…sort of like quilting with a pencil.
I think the resulting image would make an awesome runner rug!

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