Personal coloring pages

Playing with some personal coloring pages, using a mix of Tombow and various metallic markers. I really like the metallics – Gelly Roll, Jane Davenport, and some random ones called “INFINITY” that are surprisingly juicy. (If you’re having metallic marker envy, links for these exact markers are at the end of my post.

The personal coloring pages give me an easy starting point for an art journal page – I usually draw more black and white on top, then color, so they all turn out differently. Here’s how they start:

Print multiple copies on nice drawing paper, then try something different with each copy. I like this approach because the finished result has the hand-drawn feeling of my original, but is very consistent, since I’m not drawing every element separately.

Another variation created from the same flourish, but a different starting design:

These are the metallic markers I have. I know, it’s an obsession:

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