Livingston County Pub Crawl T-shirt

Almost 48 hours to go until the Livingston County Pub Crawl kicks off! My husband Mike and I have planned a mobile party for friends and family, to show them around our neck of the woods. A stretch Hummer will take us to five pubs in the area, including a stop at the Dam Site Inn in Hell, Michigan. I designed the commemorative tshirts, which were printed by MY FAVORITE T-SHIRT PRINTERS: Ann Arbor Tshirt Company. Here’s a preview:

It’s on…the Livingston County Pub Crawl is almost here!

Now, I’d like to address just the ladies that will be attending the Pub Crawl. To help get in the mood and aspire to the proper Livingston County attitude, I’ve assembled a selection of songs to set the tone. Feel free to vote by comment below for your nomination for Pub Crawl theme. (Guys, you’re welcome to comment too, but your vote won’t apply in this jurisdiction.)


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