Free-form beadwoven necklace made from scrap elements

I just described this piece to my husband…”I wanted this to look like a piece of net that had floated in the sea, and caught a bunch of things up in it; that got stuck in it; and stayed on it when it was pulled out of the sea.”
I started this with a dichroic glass cabochon that I bezeled with peyote stitch. This was my first attempt to bezel a stone without gluing it to a background…it worked great. The rest of the piece came from my scrapbox of beaded elements that I’ve made in the past. As I have taught myself to bead, I’ve often created components that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I combined several to make this necklace, sewing them together with other focal beads until it felt balanced, though irregular. The piece is mostly peyote stitch, but also includes a long square-stitched strip woven through the middle.


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