Daniel’s Dragon: Polymer Clay Beast

Playing with my grandchildren, I’m discovering the ease and fun of polymer clay. The kids love getting their hands in it, and turning the crank of the pasta-maker as we work the clay. As a medium for an adult artist, I like it for a few reasons…

  • I can finish the project by firing it in my kitchen oven (though I’ve graduated to a cheap toaster oven I use only for clay).
  • I can use other tools in my studio…rubber stamps, mica powders, etc. It didn’t require a lot of new purchases.
  • There are just a few techniques to learn that take you in many directions. If you can roll a ball in your hands, and roll a snake on the table, you can do most of the techniques.
  • The kids and I can sit side-by-side, working on our own projects, and everyone is happy, even Grandma.

Daniel, who is 9, thought we should make a dragon. I found a wonderful tutorial online and this was our result:

Daniel’s dragon just out of the oven, next to the pizza that Danny made on his own.

Our dragon has just landed, wings relaxed on the ground.

Daniel’s Dragon, ready for his close-up. He has glass bead eyes.

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