I finished this Zentangle® drawing over the weekend. After completing the “Chicago” drawing a few days before, I was anxious to make another one. Drawing had been relaxing, and as always, I was happy and surprised at the outcome. These drawings are like little gifts to myself. As I draw, I have no intention in mind…I’m not trying to draw any “thing.” It’s just a matter of sectioning and filling each section in. When the page is completely filled, I make a few adjustments here and there for value, like any good quilter would…I like contrast. This drawing is more rounded than the last…I didn’t section off any squares. The parts of this drawing that I like the best are the sections that were completely without intention…the areas where I wasn’t creating a known pattern, but just drawing whatever came to my pen.

Momentum…when I create something I like, it makes me want to dive back in and do it again.

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