Back on the creative horse

It’s just one drawing. But it’s the first piece of art I’ve made since we moved into our new home last month.

After more moves than I want to admit to in the last few years, I’ve got the basics down. I can pack up and unpack without losing or breaking anything. I keep the most important plates spinning through the transition…this time I had my home office open for business and went back to work the day after the movers left. But the mental disruption is undeniable.

This week, I’ve had the itch to create. I have found it hard to find a place to start. As I’ve unpacked, I’ve come across many in-progress quilts, beading projects, art dolls and more. It’s in my nature to work on several projects at a time, so I don’t usually fret about unfinished projects…the cream rises to the top, and the pieces worth finishing always get their turn. But when my creative work comes to a total stand-still, as it has during this move, it’s easy to get overwhelmed about where to start.

I started this Zentangle-style drawing to pass the time in the car on a recent trip to Illinois to see my husband’s family. Tonight, the urge to making something finally won out over my indecision on where to start, and I finished it. It’s just one non-sensical drawing, but I feel so much better tonight when I look it at it. Today, I feel like myself again.

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