Sketch Becoming a Quilt

The final Photoshop sketch of the proposed quilt.

If you take a good look at the computer-rendered sketch at left, it’s dated October 12, 2009. I have to be honest and admit I have many of these computer-rendered designs that never got beyond the sketch stage.

But this one stayed in mind…I printed out a few copies and left them around my studio. I posted the sketch on my Facebook profile and showed it to a few people, who responded favorably. Finally, free time on my birthday led this sketch to fabric!

So here she is on my quilt wall right now! The outline is rough cut, so the shapes will become a bit finer after applique.

In deference to my cousin Kyleigh who says a petticoat is always called for, I’m considering adding a lace ruffle as pictured and leaving the skirt hem loose on the front of the quilt. Thinking I will need to make a facing for the skirt if I do that because everyone is going to want to lift the skirt.

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