She’s half a doll now!

After a quiet Sunday with lots of time to bead in my favorite chair, this pile of beads is really starting to look like a doll!

This doll will sit better than the first

So far there are 3 pieces, 2 legs and a skirt. All 3 pieces are now connected into one form. I think the skirt wants more fringe, which will probably drop like a petticoat between the existing fringe on the skirt and the legs…I’m thinking silver or something light for contrast.I beaded a peyote stitch doll once before using a similar method. In that case I made 2 fairly straight legs, and sewed them flat against the inside of the snowflake finding on the inside of the skirt. This time, I went for a more human form, joining the legs to each other first, then beading a little “bottom” for her before attaching the skirt. She sits better than the other doll did.

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