Striving for creativity

The date of my last post here tells the story…a change in our housing situation started in March of this year. I stopped posting to my blog in March of this year. As I look back over the last 5 or so years, I can see rises and dips in my creative efforts. I go strong for a while, but then life interrupts with a loss, or a change, and mycreative work goes to the back burner.

These “creative lapses” used to make me feel embarrassed, as though they revealed me to be an artistic pretender. While that remains to be seen, I’m starting to see my own track record during these lapses: I always come back to the need to create.

I’m really glad that I blogged during that creative period between the Nancy Crow workshop in October 2008 and March of this year. So now, as I’m beginning to feel settled again in a new home, and I am returning to my art projects, I can reconnect to the energy and excitement of that time.

This time, my beads called most urgently, so I’ve begun to work with my left-over bead soup. Here’s the tray yesterday…I sorted the beads a bit while on the phone with my mom.

I use a plastic lid from a storage container as a tray…upside down, it has a nice lip to contain the beads. The plastic makes it light and more grippy than a metal tray. I cover the lid with a piece of chamois so the beads don’t roll around.

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