Lessons Learned from a Baby Quilt

This morning, I raced to finish a baby quilt that will be a present for a friend at her baby shower today. It was a good project to use up some
materials I already had on hand, and to try some new things. The front of the quilt is a pre-printed panel from Matchbox cars that I found in the remnant bin at Joann’s. I liked the idea using the panel because I thought it would give the quilt instant value without a lot of work on my part. I felt that it needed a pieced back since the panel was so automatic, so I tried a simple design set on point. On the back, the blue fabric has a car print, and the edges have triangles made of checkerboard fabric (like the checkered flag in a race). The family that will receive this quilt likes to watch NASCAR and may be doing a NASCAR nursery.

Lessons learned:
1. Solid fabrics on the back of a quilt are mucheasier when it comes time to make the quilt sandwich. Some of my points cut off on the back, but I needed to make it fit.
2. I quilted based on the design on the front, following the edges of the roads and buildings. Looks cool on the front, looks like nothing on the back. I need to get better at machine quilting.
3. The frugal side of me likes that I made this quilt. The creative side of me was a little bored.
4. I like the pattern on the back way more than I expected to. Simple can still be exciting.

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