To enter or not to enter…

My friend Sarah has suggested that I submit this bead embroidery piece for consideration in a juried art show. That would be my first attempt
to enter a piece in a show. This is a very small piece, about 4″ x 7″. I’ve always assumed it would figure in a larger piece some day, and I’ve experimented with setting it in a background of darker blue quilted pieces. The show deadline is January 9th, so I have a little time to consider it.This piece is personally meaningful to me…it represents my feelings about the many female family members and teachers who have encouraged me. I think I finished this piece around 2003. I was inspired by Robin Atkins’ book, “One Bead at a Time.” She has such a free approach to bead embroidery…along the lines of “sew something down that you like, then sew something else down you like. Keep going.” So, in this piece, I sewed down the butterfly, then the woman’s face, and everything flowed spontaneously from there. There was no drawing or plan when I started.

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