What is The Idea Emporium about?

Editor’s Note: This post is added to Begrinner.com to plot a past blog on my timeline. This blog doesn’t currently exist separately. 

Welcome to The Idea Emporium, my new blog! My #1 intention with this blog is to share my creative journey, but I sense that there’s more to
it than that. I want a place to combine my many interests and motivations; I want to see what develops when all those interests are encouraged to co-exist and mix together.

I’ve walked this planet long enough to spot trends in my own life. The bumpier the road, the more obvious my true colors become. Here are a few of the core trends
I’m watching:

  • I believe that there is value in creating and expressing myself. I believe that EVERYONE can experience this joy too, regardless of ability level. I’m driven to improve on my skills and
    refine my expressions, however, I believe that entry-level, basic expression is valuable and desirable. I’m opposed to squelching that creative spark just because one might feel he or she can’t do it well enough. Sing, draw, play…it’s fun, regardless of the output.
  • I believe there is wisdom and comfort in learning my family history. There is great creative fuel in the lives and stories of our ancestors.
  • I believe ideas are everywhere and that there is truly no original idea. I like new input…books, fabrics, beads, vintage ephemera, web galleries, store displays, photographs. Use them, touch them, read them, hang them up.

This is where I begin. Welcome!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted at a vox.com blog, and later consolidated into my “PersonallyChristine” blog.

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