G Star Quilt

I started this quilt when I found out that Laura was pregnant with Grace, so I have called it Gracie’s Star, or the G Star quilt. I initially thought it would be a baby quilt, but I like it so much I decided to make a larger piece. (Also, after I got that center star done, I decided that there was too much work in it to be used and abused as a baby quilt. Plus, Grace’s dad teased me about the wild colors, saying it would give the baby a seizure!:) )

Possible setting for Star elements.

The picture above is my rendering of how the quilt may look when finished. So far, I have completed the central star:


Four smaller stars:

I have also finished the triangle pieces for the corner elements. Here are some pictures of my experiments with placing those:

I am paper-piecing, using a star pattern from Peggy Martin’s book, “Quick-Strip Paper Piecing: For Blocks, Borders & Quilts.” The pattern is called Millenium Star.



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