Ellie’s Mountains Baby Quilt

I like making quilts. I really like helping other people discover the joy of quilting. My niece, Kimberly, has been a frequent collaborator—the two of us have spent countless hours together in my studio, cutting, pressing and sewing our way to a new quilt. My latest baby quilt is for Kimmy, as she and her husband Steve, just welcomed their first child. To tell the … Continue reading Ellie’s Mountains Baby Quilt

A little clutter is good for the soul

Nearly nine weeks ago, I began to pack up my office where I work and my studio where I create things. Our fireplace malfunctioned over the winter and left a layer of soot on our walls and carpet…to get things clean again, I needed to pack and store the contents of the two rooms. I knew the upheaval was an opportunity to lighten my load…I … Continue reading A little clutter is good for the soul