The quest to quilt the unquilted

I’ve been creating quilt tops for about 15 years. Some of those tops became finished quilts – usually when I wanted to give a gift, like a baby quilt. Many quilt tops languished on my shelves, mostly because I wasn’t confident that I had the skills to finish, and I didn’t want to ruin what I had created. Earlier this year, I decided it was … Continue reading The quest to quilt the unquilted

How “Speak Now” Came to Be

Working in my sketchbook in early 2012, I wrote the following cranky sentence across the page as a starting point: Thought I was buying a set of black markers presumably of different stroke sizes. Clearly, this is working out differently than planned. I had recently seen a magazine article that exposed me to the basics of Zentangle drawing, where one divides space into sections and … Continue reading How “Speak Now” Came to Be

Stringing buttons in chains

This week I had visitors in my studio…Katie (“I’m 5.” “No, you’re 4 and a half.”) and her younger sister Isabelle. Looking around my stash to find playthings, my eyes landed on my sorted buttons. I dumped the bags of blue and brown buttons into one bin, and immediately Katie said, “Why are you doing that?” “To keep you occupied” didn’t seem like the right … Continue reading Stringing buttons in chains