Stringing buttons in chains

This week I had visitors in my studio…Katie (“I’m 5.” “No, you’re 4 and a half.”) and her younger sister Isabelle. Looking around my stash to find playthings, my eyes landed on my sorted buttons. I dumped the bags of blue and brown buttons into one bin, and immediately Katie said, “Why are you doing that?” “To keep you occupied” didn’t seem like the right … Continue reading Stringing buttons in chains

Quilter’s Playtime Blocks

It’s been months since I’ve had a quilt on my wall. Very excited to get back to my creative routine!  I started these blocks more than 5 years ago, as an exercise in the book, “Quilter’s Playtime: Games with Fabrics” by Dianne S. Hire. If templates and precision aren’t your thing, this book has lots of ideas to get you started making right away.  (get … Continue reading Quilter’s Playtime Blocks

Zentangle Letter Baby Card

Feels good to pick up my pens again…it’s been awhile. I need a “Welcome Baby” card for a baby shower. Initial or monogram drawings are a good starting place, so “H” it is. I learned the technique for this tangled initial from Joanne Fink‘s book, “Zenspirations: Letters and Patterning”. From the “No Mistakes” department: I misspelled “Welcome” in the upper right corner. At first, I … Continue reading Zentangle Letter Baby Card