Stringing buttons in chains

This week I had visitors in my studio…Katie (“I’m 5.” “No, you’re 4 and a half.”) and her younger sister Isabelle. Looking around my stash to find playthings, my eyes landed on my sorted buttons. I dumped the bags of blue and brown buttons into one bin, and immediately Katie said, “Why are you doing that?” “To keep you occupied” didn’t seem like the right … Continue reading Stringing buttons in chains

Free-form beadwoven necklace made from scrap elements

I just described this piece to my husband…”I wanted this to look like a piece of net that had floated in the sea, and caught a bunch of things up in it; that got stuck in it; and stayed on it when it was pulled out of the sea.” I started this with a dichroic glass cabochon that I bezeled with peyote stitch. This was … Continue reading Free-form beadwoven necklace made from scrap elements

Beaded Michigan: My state in bead embroidery

I adopted Michigan as my home 21 years ago, and I have come to really love the state. This bead embroidery piece includes several symbolic elements that hold my memories…Copper Harbor, the Thumb, the swirl of the city of Detroit. I was inspired to make this piece after seeing bead embroidered works at the 2010 Ann Arbor Arts Fair…they were faces and abstract shapes, fairly … Continue reading Beaded Michigan: My state in bead embroidery

To enter or not to enter…

My friend Sarah has suggested that I submit this bead embroidery piece for consideration in a juried art show. That would be my first attempt to enter a piece in a show. This is a very small piece, about 4″ x 7″. I’ve always assumed it would figure in a larger piece some day, and I’ve experimented with setting it in a background of darker blue quilted pieces. The … Continue reading To enter or not to enter…

Aunt Ruby’s Magic Wand

I made this magic wand for my great-Aunt Ruby’s 98th birthday present. She is a magical and delightful lady in every sense of the word…I’m sure she already had a magic wand and just needed an upgrade. I modified a pattern I saw in Bead and Button magazine for a peyote-stitched starfish.  Tiny wind chimes hang just below the star, so when you use it, it jingles. The wand … Continue reading Aunt Ruby’s Magic Wand

Shining Jewels Bead Embroidery

This is an early attempt at bead embroidery. I found an illustration in an old book that I used as a pattern. I printed to heavy cardstock, and embroidered onto that. In the end, I was concerned that the stitches would tear through the well-punctured paper. I have since mounted it to a piece of copper screen, then glued that to upholstery fabric. Now, I … Continue reading Shining Jewels Bead Embroidery