A little clutter is good for the soul

Nearly nine weeks ago, I began to pack up my office where I work and my studio where I create things. Our fireplace malfunctioned over the winter and left a layer of soot on our walls and carpet…to get things clean again, I needed to pack and store the contents of the two rooms. I knew the upheaval was an opportunity to lighten my load…I … Continue reading A little clutter is good for the soul

Vintage Buttons Rescued from the Tin!

In the midst of my scrap-using tag-making session, I had my stash of pink buttons spilled out to find single buttons to add to a tag, like this: My button stash comes from vintage button tins I find on ebay, so there’s no telling whether a button has any multiples. I hate splitting sets, so if I only want one button, I usually spend a … Continue reading Vintage Buttons Rescued from the Tin!

The Begrinner Manifesto

Call it a mid-life art crisis. I’ve made lots of stuff. I have many unfinished projects. I’m coming to terms with the idea that I’m never going to {FILL IN THE BLANK} on many fronts. The upside of all this? I know what works for me…trying a range of different art forms, rarely making the same thing twice. From this approach, I offer The Begrinner … Continue reading The Begrinner Manifesto