Ellie’s Mountains Baby Quilt

I like making quilts. I really like helping other people discover the joy of quilting. My niece, Kimberly, has been a frequent collaborator—the two of us have spent countless hours together in my studio, cutting, pressing and sewing our way to a new quilt. My latest baby quilt is for Kimmy, as she and her husband Steve, just welcomed their first child. To tell the … Continue reading Ellie’s Mountains Baby Quilt

Faux-vintage Button Cards

Button, button, who’s got the button? (Yes I am old enough to have actually played that game.) I’ve been collecting buttons for years. More than a few old button tins have found their way into my hands, and I’ve always enjoyed sorting through them and looking for treasures, and buttons that match. Rarely, I will find vintage buttons the way they were sold – sewn … Continue reading Faux-vintage Button Cards

Borrowing color from a floral arrangement

When in Vegas, I never miss a chance to visit the Bellagio resort, as I can always count on a feast for the eyes. This floral arrangement caught me eye, and has been a great source for creating color palettes: Purple and orange seem like unlikely friends at first. Many years ago, my husband and I purchased a new condo, so we had the pleasure … Continue reading Borrowing color from a floral arrangement

Drawing Mandalas on my iPad

When does a series become an obsession? I have discovered the symmetry tools available in Procreate for the iPad, and can’t quit playing with them! This “drawing assist” repeats the line as you draw, allowing you to immediately see the shapes and patterns formed by the symmetrical option chosen. Most of these were drawn using radial symmetry, though a few were quadrant symmetry. I’m calling … Continue reading Drawing Mandalas on my iPad

Plan a quilt edge to edge

The hardest part of piecing this quilt was the black border. Note to self: draft patterns for the whole quilt, not just the fun part. In retrospect, it would have been easier to construct this differently than I did, bit it’s whole now! Now on to the finishing… basting the quilt sandwich isn’t my favorite part: Now for the quilt wrestling: I quilt on a … Continue reading Plan a quilt edge to edge

Ideas from Outstanding Quilts

The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo took over our local convention center for the last several days, bringing several curated quilt exhibits. I saw so many quilts with techniques that I want to remember! “Separated” – a quit by Valerie Luberecki. It was included in the exhibit “Best of QuiltCon 2019” from the Modern Quilt Guild. There’s quite an impact here with just piecing—starting with … Continue reading Ideas from Outstanding Quilts