Playing with small strands and color in circular weaving

On my circle loom tonight.

I was asked where I found a circle loom—it’s just a round knitting loom warped in a circle. You can do it with embroidery hoops too…good tutorials on YouTube.

I figured out a way to add really short threads…like 3 to 5 inches. Being able to add so many different shades of green and blue really brought it to life. Every piece came out of the “trash” pickle jar I keep on my work table. I had a longer yarn in my needle, going over and under as I went around. I wove the short yarns with my fingers next to the last row and left 1″ tail and both ends, then I brought around another row of the longer yarn in the needle to lock them in. Later, I went back with the needle and crochet hook to pull those 1″ ends down into the surrounding weave. It wouldn’t be a good technique for something wearable because it would surely pull apart with stretching. However, for a wall piece, especially something that goes down on a backing, those little pieces should stay in place.

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